Change Your Mind?

A quick review of where we started:
Jesus said:  “Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.”  (Matthew 4:17)
Jesus announced that the Kingdom of God is come, and is present here and now; yet we need to see it and realize it if we are to make it real in our world. 
Most translations use the term "repent" here (lit. to change ones mind).
To change ones mind and see what God would want us to see. To see how Jesus saw things, would be a radical shift in our perspective of others and ourselves. When we find the meaning of repentance, we see the Kingdom of God clearly, as Jesus did.

Now, consider this: 

Over the last year, so much has happened! 
Things have happened in our personal lives – tragic and glorious.  What has happened to change your mind and your life over the last year?


Things have happened in our world – sometimes happy, sometimes tragic.  What has happened in our world to change your mind and your life?



Has any of this led to drawing you closer to making the Kingdom of God real in your life?