Jesus, the Way!

John 4

Jesus said:  “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” (v. 6)
Jesus’s disciples were asking Him about the kingdom, and the way to find God.  Jesus said He himself was the way. 
But He doesn’t just say He is the Way, He is also the Truth, and He is the Life – the life that we should be living.  Today, truth seems to be something constantly under attack; we don’t always know who to believe - but we can believe Jesus.
In Jesus we find the example of the Life we should be living.  He is the Life that is the Way to the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is the Way to the Truth about the Life we should be living!  Jesus, and only Jesus…

When you think of how Jesus lived His life, what are the things that stand out to you most?

Do you ever wonder what Jesus would do if He lived today?  What would be His example for us to live by today?  What would he think of our world? Our country? Our community?

Jesus went on to say: “whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (v. 12)

The Gospels tell us that Jesus did many great things.  He fed thousands, He healed the sick, He cast out demons; but these were not isolated events that happened once in a while.  This was how He lived life on a daily basis.
What makes all the things we see Jesus doing possible was his great Love and Acceptance of the people He met.  Jesus touched the leper (a taboo in that society) and healed him.
The same is true of us.  For us to “do greater things than these”, we have to live Jesus’s example.  We must touch the untouchable and care for those who we may believe are the least deserving.  This is Jesus’s example of the Life we should be living.

Think of this situation:
A stranger approaches you at your church, business, job, or just a parking lot somewhere, and says they need $10 for gas money to get home.  This stranger is dressed shabbily, but is driving a nice car.

How would most people respond to this?

What would be your response?

What would Jesus response be?