New Evangelicals

I feel compelled to address briefly what has become known as the New Evangelicals.  This has been a movement in modern Evangelicalism since at least the late 90’s, but they do remain somewhat on the fringe of Evangelicalism.  They are typically younger and more diverse than the white, male dominated establishment.  They have a stronger sense of social concerns, but are less vocal and receive far less media attention than their counterparts.  I watched one of the very few television preachers that I respect recently make a statement “We must get back to Jesus” – this is the New Evangelical.

While I respect their position very much, I feel the question that must be asked is can they remain true to their values while, at the same time, remain Evangelical?

I must express doubt that they can unless they discard Dispensationalism.  I have written a great deal regarding this subject in earlier posts, so for now, let’s just say that Dispensationalism is the greatest “fake news” gripping the Evangelical movement today.  While I may argue the finer points of conversion and discipleship, Dispensationalism lies at the heart of what is wrong with this modern manifestation of Evangelicalism – and they have had 200 yrs to practice it,

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