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My goal in this site is to develop something that expresses the message of Jesus in various forms, including games, apps, and writing.
My outlook is that we must filter our view of the world, including our view of the Bible, through the teachings of Jesus. For that reason, everything on this site is looped back to examine Jesus example and life as seen through the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).
This site also supports the other ministries I have undertaken, Breakfast in the Basement, a new faith community meeting in the Unadilla United Methodist Church, Unadilla, NY; and also the Wander2Jesus Re-formed Church Online, a web based community with the goal of making disciples for Jesus Christ and fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus charged His Church on earth.

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Fruit of the Spirit Match Game
Click on the cards and match the fruit. Learn more about how Jesus lived the Fruit of the Spirit. Works with both computer and with mobile devices, however horizontal orientation is best for mobile devices.

Put on the Armor of God Game
A take on the traditional Hang Man games. In Ephesians 6, Paul writes encouraging the early church to "put on the armor of God". We can not do this without studying and following the teachings and example of Jesus. Explore what Jesus teachings were through this short quiz. There will always be a new variety of questions, and more will be added soon. Works with both computer and with mobile devices, use a horizontal orientation with mobile devices for best results.

Life Stuggles Game
Jesus said the Kingdome of God is here -- but it is not easy to manifest in our lives. Life struggles must be overcome to reach our goal. Use the buttons to move through the obsticals to reach the Kingdom. This game works best with the computer, working on refining the mobile version still.

Journey with Jesus:

Come share the journey of Jesus through the book of Mark.
(use horizontal orientation with mobile devices)
Mark 1

Mark 2

Mark 3

Some background into the book of Mark: The book is the earliest Gospel placed in the cannon of scripture, Written around 67 AD. It is however not necessarily the first Gospel written as most scholars now agree that the extra-Biblical Gospel of Thomas predates Mark. It was written by John Mark, a companion of Peter, while in Rome from stories told to Mark by Peter in the time before his execution. It is written as something of a short story, not necessarily in chronological order, but utilizing a number of intriguing literary devices.

Most scholar refer to the depition of Jesus in Mark as the "Suffering Servant", which is true; however, I prefer to see Mark simply as depicting a very human Jesus, much more so than depictions found in later Gospels.

All Scripture references are based on The Message Version (MSG) Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

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Topical Study:

Jesus's Teachings on the Kingdom:
Jan 2018 - Change Your Mind, Matthew 4:17 Web Page or PDF File
Feb 2018 - The Way, The Truth, The Life, John 14:6 Web Page or PDF File
Mar 2018 - A New Commandment, John 13:36 Web Page or PDF File
Apr 2018 - Come as a Child, Matthew 19:14 Web Page or PDF File
Apr 2018 Appendix - Know Love As A Child Web Page or PDF File
May 2018 - Live now, not in the past, John 8:11 Web Page or PDF File
Jun 2018 - Empathy and Acceptance, John 7:44 Web Page or PDF File
Jun 2018 Appendix - Story of Justice, and Acceptance, Matthew 18:23-35 Web Page or PDF File
Jul 2018 - Peace and Joy, John 14:27 Web Page or PDF File
Aug 2018 - Hospitality and Generosity, Matthew 14:16 Web Page or PDF File
Sep 2018 - Abundance by Giving It All Away, Luke 18:22 Web Page or PDF File
Oct 2018 - All Things Are New, Matthew 5:1-12
Nov 2018 - The Kingdom NOW, Return to Matthew 4:17
Dec 2018 - Advent, Making the Kingdom Real